All of our products are designed by our own design office.

This allows us to adapt to the specific requirements of customers by developing innovative and original solutions by ourselves.

More than just adapting our existing products, we can create a new product based on a specific request.

This will either be the expression of a need detailed in a precise technical notebook or the fruit of a collaboration and a continuous exchange on the desired operation.

CashDev Group invests 25% of its turnover each year in research and development.


The cash systems are produced by our subsidiary CashProd. We retain complete control of our products from study to dispatch.

Strong of these experiences, we have known since our creation a continuous and sustained increase (more than 20% per year on average) in our turnover. And thanks to our network of partners present in over 25 countries around the world: England, Australia, Belgium, Costa Rica, Denmark, Spain, Mexico, Norway, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Netherlands, Portugal, Czech Republic, Switzerland,…

More than 2 000 cash systems have been installed all around the world.


Our after-sales service team made up of 5 competent employees offers various services to our customers in order to best meet their expectations.

– Technical support

– Comprehensive training for our new clients

– Maintenance of the modules making up the PLC in the event of recourse with a rapid return