Intelligent safe for banknotes deposit

The ISS is a compact system dedicated to the small and medium shops in order to make cash deposit (banknotes bundles) safely and in an autonomous way.

Self service

Once the user identified (code) he had to insert the notes in the reader, then it is automatically accepted and the user account is credited with the corresponding amount. The foreign or doubtful notes are rejected in the front part of the reader. With the ISS the manager doesn’t have to be present to count the cashier daily incomes and all the transactions are registered.

The machine can be managed entirely by a CIT company and the number of cash collection can be reduced with for instance automatic email alerts when the banknote cassette is full or about to be full.

Sumplicity and security

The ISS machine can be installed and used very easily. Furthermore graceful to its reduced size it doesn't need importants alterations or a big place reserved. It allow littles establishments (such as gas stations or shops) to install it in them places.

Once the banknotes are accepted by the machine, they are safe stored in the ISS reducing the risk of internal fraud or robbery.

In addition to its reinforced structure, its lock manages with a code is an efficient way to fight againts any robbery.


The ISS machine can be connected on a network by TCP/IP. Thanks to this connection it's possible to follow in real time the differents operations done on the machine.

Then the owner can follow at any time what happen and the amount of banknotes stored in the ISS to optimise the collection of revenues. The software Cash Systems Supervisor allow to manage all the machine in real time in all different places where they are installed and to recieve alerts by emails

Technical caracteristics

  • Acceptation of bundled banknotes

  • Banknotes accepted on all faces and and any directions

  • Acceptation: 1200 banknotes in a cashbox

  • Touch screen 5"7

  • Dimension : 550 x 260 x 576 mm (d x w x h)

  • Weight: 65 kg

  • Openned in the front

  • 8 mm thickness for the safe

  • Connection TCP / IP