Automate of complete deposits

The FDB is a compact safe that allows the deposit of banknotes. Optional it can be added a coins deposit module and values deposit module. Allows it to adapt to any type of organization.


Self service

Once identified via the touch screen (code) or the RFID reader (option) the user inserts his banknotes. The notes are valued at 500 banknotes / min. foreign notes, fake or doubtful are rejected in front of the reader.

Management of machine is easier by all deposits recording. Optional remote monitoring software SERVYS allows to know in real time the stock of the FDB and receive automatically by email alarms when the cassettes are full. The FDB can be managed entirely by a CIT and thanks to the supervision software the number of passages optimized at best 



The FDB can be equipped with different classes of safe. The banknotes are stored in a bag that is sealed automatically before opening the safe.

Technical caracteristics

  •  Hopper capacity : 500 notes 

  • Speed accepting : 600 notes / Minute

  • Bag storage : 4000 notes 

  • Detection : IR, MG, UV, FL, Ultrasonic

  • Reject capacity : 100 notes 

  • Notes part size : 500 x 618 x 1150 mm (d x w x h)

  • Weight : 210 kg

  • TCP/IP connection (RJ 45)

  • Can be connected to Servys software