Smart value deposit head


The EDV is a machine that can fit on different types of trunk or be equipped with a class III or IV safe.



Automation makes it possible to deposit declarative values. The identification is done using a bank card, a Smartphone, an account number

The motorized hatch opens and detects the presence of the deposit before closing to validate the transaction.

EDV is a smart deposit head that is equipped with a 2D barcode reader to identify directly via a Smartphone, the deposit amount, the identifier and the account number.

Large touch screen (12’’)  allow for a user to follow the progress of the operation and select different options.

Connected to our Servys monitoring software, it allows the monitoring of the situation of automation, the transfer of transactions and events in realtime

The customer may receive a confirmation notice for the price in account of his deposit.

Technical caracteristics

  • touch screen 12'' front

  • touch screen 8'' rear

  • security mtorised hatch

  • connection TCP/IP

  • adaptable to a large number of safe