Coin Deposit System


The ECD 10 is equipped with the latest technologies for cash processing. It offers a fast, safe and accurate deposit of mixed coins.


User friendly

The wide touch screen and the user interface make the use of the ECD 10 very easy and intuitive. The screen displays the value in real time and details amount of coins. Once the deposit finished it is possible to: accept the deposit / add more coins / get the coins back



The ECD 10 has a robust structure thanks to reinforced sheet metal and a safe part for coin storage. A « through the wall » (vestibule) or « lobby » installation is possible. Transaction safety is ensured by the automatic and detailed recording of all the operations made in the machine.



A coin deposit area prevents the introduction of foreign objects that can be deposited by error and could damage the machine (paper clip, staples). Coin value is detected thanks to the alloy recognition. Over its extreme reliability in counting operations this latest technology make it possible to reject all foreign, damaged and counterfeit coins.



Users identify themselves by entering their personal code and password directly on the touch screen. Identification can be carried out through personal cards or contactless badges (option). The ECD 10 can work autonomously or through connection to an IT system: local network, point of sales system, ticketing system.

Technical caracteristics

  • Counting speed: 600 coins / mn

  • Acceptation of mixed coins

  • Thermal printer

  • Wide touch screen 12 inches

  • Coin storage capacity: 10 000 coins

  • Different access for service and for coin storage

  • Front or rear access for coins storage

  • Auto learn system for coin acceptance

  • Reject tray for non accepted coins

  • Dimensions: 1300 x 550 x 750 mm (h x w x d)

  • Weigth: 90 kg 

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