Technical caracteristics

  • Acceptation of mixed coins 

  • Rejection of false coins

  • Ticket print (TITO)

  • Thermal print 

  • 12" touch screen

  • Size : 500 x 400 x 1300 mm (w x d x h)

  • Weight : 100 kg

  • Connection TCP/IP (RJ45M)

  • Power supply : 100-240   50/60Hz


Ticket out Ticket In solution :


The Casino Purchase Systems allow to casino’s customers buy game tickets (TITO) or perform an account reload Cashless for playing on the slot machines.

CPS is a purchase solution of dematerialized tokens allowing to reduce number of cash when to be processed while accounts.

Users can use easier the machines thanks to his wide screen and the use instruction displayed as operations progress.


Purchase of game tickets / Cashless with credit card :

The customer insert his credit card and choose the amount of his transaction either  by predefined keys or enter the desired amount. Once agree of the bank, printing of game tickets or loading of the amount on Cashless account


Purchase of game tickets / Cashless with coins :

The customer deposit his coins in the hatch located on the top of the kiosk. After recognizing and verification of the coins authenticity, ptinting of game ticket or loading of the amount on cashless account.


Self-service / connection :

CPS integration is very easy thanks to its modern and elegant design. The users can go directly to the machine to get their change or to be paid of their winnings. So customer satisfaction can be increased because the CRS is reducing the time spent to these operations.

CPS allow to increase the amount played by the customer  thanks to the treatment of coins because if they have it on them, they can playing coins more easier on the MAS.

For proceed to game tickets purchase or loading cashless account, the machine must be connected on the own casino’s software. The CPS can be interface with the most of existing systems.