Payment machine

The CPK is a payment machine, cash, credit card and NFC.


Equiped with a 2D barcode reader it can be used for the invoice payment in self service (electricity, water, rent,.. etc).


Equiped with a software corresponding to the merchant needs it become a self service payment or sale machine. The customer can select the differents products that he wants and pay before being served by presenting his receipt.

Technical caracteristics

  • Banknotes accepted in any face or orientation

  • Reject false banknotes (norm ECB)

  • 2 recyclers of 60 banknotes and 2 of 30 banknotes (up to 4 denomination)

  • Cashbox stacking up to 600 banknotes 

  • 8 types of coins accepted,recycled, and dispensed (EUR, CHF, MAD, XPF and other currencies)

  • Up to 20 coins sinserted simultaneously

  • False coins rejection (tokens, cash from other currencies,..) and any foreigns materials

  • 8 recycling coins containers : from 140 to 220 coins depending on the size of the coin

  • Touchscreen 15''

  • Receipt printer

  • Dimension : 600 x 459 x 1400 mm (L x P x H)

  • Weight : ~280kg

  • Power supply calble and TCP/IP cable(RJ45)

  • Power supply : 100-240v , 50-60Hz

  • Norm CE, norm PRM, norm ECB