About us

CashDev is a French company composed of people with a long and strong experience in the cash processing area all sectors taken together: retail, public transportation, banks, casinos,  cash in transit company…


This 20 years old expertise in the cash solutions conception either in software and hardware results in a suitable solutions range whose upgradability allows each consumer to benefit from an innovative and tailor made solution.

The marketing of our products is provided by distributors with whom we share a special partnership relation. This process guarantees a high quality service and therefore an optimal satisfaction for our solutions end users.


Since the company creation in 2009 we benefit from an important turnover growth (more than 50% per year in average) thanks to our great partners network covering more than 25 countries in the world: France, Spain, Benelux, Norway, Czech Republic, England, Costa-Rica, New-Zeland, Australia,New caledonia, Mexico…

Our whole range of products is created by our own design and research office.

This independency enables us to adapt to the particular needs of some clients elaborating and developing by ourselves innovative solutions.


More than a simple adaptation of our existing products we can create a brand new product from a specific demand.

This new solution will be either the corresponding product to the technical specifications given at the beginning of the project or the result of a partnership with a continuous exchange on the wished functionalities


Cashdev puts 25% of its turnover every year in the R&D section

Research office




As well as our products conception we also have the complete control on our software and programs which are created and maintained internally.

Moreover we can connect our systems to the main software solutions of each activity area: store POS system for retail, ticketing system for public transport, TITO interface for gaming.

Regarding our software it means that we have an existing compatibility with main cash handling machines in the market and if your machine is not already connected we can make it in a 2 weeks delay without any cost. We can offer you this knowledge to develop IT connections, drivers, to connect your counting machines or complete cash systems to software solutions.


The machine production is performed by our subsidiary "Cashprod", by that we know and control our products from the conception to the expedition.

At the beginning of this year 2017 more than 1700 systems were already installed.