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ECD 30

Complete system for bus companies area

The module completing the ECD 20 can dispense public transport ticket books, coins, coin rolls and banknotes.

Principle of operating

Once identified in the touch screen the user can choose tickets or cash dispensing depending on the configuation. The amount which is dispensed is deducted from the driver balance and the operation is possible only if the balance is enough.

Ticket books dispensing

The dispensing guides have been developped in a such way that they can dispense ticket books with different thickness and the supervisor can easily modify the guides in case of ticket books change. The ETD can also manage ticket books with different values and the price change is done through the machine settings.

Coin dispensing

The ECD 30 can dispense from 1 to 4 coin denominations with an average capacity of 1500 coins each. So the driver can choose exactly the coins number he needs. Until 5 coin rolls denominations can be dispensed depending on configuration. The coin rolls option use one drawer for a maximum capacity of 95 rolls..

Note dispensing 

The ECD 30 can dispense 2 banknote denominations with a capacity of 800 or 2000 notes each.

Thanks to this option the drivers can receive low value notes in order to give change to the customers.


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