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The EBB is a compact banknote exchanger enabling the customers to change easily and in self-service their high value banknotes to smaller denominations.


User friendly

Once the banknote is inserted in the reader it will be recognized and the corresponding value will be dispensed automatically. For instance, with a 50€ banknote it will dispense one 10€ + two 20€ notes.

The type of distribution is set in advance in order to facilitate the operation. This will reduce the time spent in front of the changer and optimize the stock of banknotes.

Messages on an LCD screen guide the user step by step through the process.


The EBB is recognized as a superior product thanks to its high quality components. Our note reader has an exceptional acceptation rate and very high reliability. The notes dual dispensing cassettes use bank technology and ensure quick ( >3 notes/second) and reliable dispensing of 2 denominations with a capacity of 800 notes each.

Reading settings and information can be done without opening the door thanks to an infrared connection. Control can be carried out during opening hours in a secure way.

Easy to manage

The front door of the EBB gives access to the two main modules of the machine. To refill the dispensing cassettes, the manager / CIT company just have to withdraw it, open it and then insert new notes. The deposit module contains a note cassette where the notes are all stored together allowing a total capacity of 600 notes.


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