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The CRS is a secure and cost effective solution for cash management in casinos: bill breaker, "Cashless" cards and TITO ticket payment.


Bill breaker / TITO / Cashless

The user goes on the wide touch welcome monitor and can use the machine by itself. He is guided step by step by the user friendly interface. If a note is inserted the CRS is giving automatically change with low value notes (bill breaker function). If a barcode ticket or a Cashless card is inserted the machine is dispensing automatically the corresponding amount in notes and coins.

Connection : Appolonia, Bally tech, G-tech, DRGT, Intelligent Gaming... and other in progress.

Self service / connection

CRS integration is very easy thanks to its modern and elegant design. The users can go directly to the machine to get their change or to be paid of their winnings. So customer satisfaction can be increased because the CRS is reducing the time spent to these operations. Moreover cost of cash management is significantly decreased thanks to this self service system. In order to pay out the jackpots the CRS has to be connected to the casino local program. The CRS can be interfaced with most existing casino data systems.

Cash management

The manager has a specific access to control the notes / coins stock in the machine, the transactions list, the reloading operations… For manager / service company it is very easy to make a software update or auto test of the different modules.


As a standard configuration the CRS dispenses to the user 2 notes denominations with a capacity of 2000 each and 2 coins types with average capacity of 1200. To answer to more important needs the CRS can dispense until 4 notes denominations and 4 coins types with similar capacity. Thanks to this flexibility the CRS can answer from basic customers needs until high requirements demands.


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